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Telecommunications Repair
Renovo is a member of the Hartwell Group and one of it's associate companies is Molapo Technology (Pty) Ltd, the largest independent Telecommunications equipment repairer in the world with branches in Europe and the USA and access to a huge array of Telecommunication repair technology.

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Advanced Repair Services
Renovo is the most advanced telecommunications repairer on the African West coast. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Renovo repair a vast variety of Telecommunications equipment down to component level.

Renovo are also able to control the full reverse logistics of a Service Providers returns process due to their specialised software and experience with faulty equipment.

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Local Understanding
Renovo's shareholders include locally based Nigerians who know and understand how business is conducted and controlled in Nigeria.

Internationally accepted quality standards are used but at the end of the day you are doing business with people who understand you in your region.

Team of Professionals
Renovo Engineers put in extra effort

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Locally Trained Engineers
Renovo use locally trained engineers who do not insist on being paid in US$ and with this reduced labour cost Renovo are able to reduce the repair costs.

Featured Services
Locally based telecoms repairs

Supported by Molapo, Renovo is able to offer locally based repairs to most types of telecommunications equipment more ...

Local repairs made to transmission, 3G, access, switching equipment etc, and from literally any Original Manufacturer in business today more ...

Not having to ship equipment all around the world with makes it easy for Renovo to repair the equipment in a much shorter time more ...